no schooling

IMG_4990I want to talk about:

Homeschooling, Unschooling, World Schooling, No Schooling…

…oh for crying out loud, call it what you want!

I feel it is an extension of living a life that is not mainstream — it is a way of life that is not for everyone (but it can be if you really want it to be!)

Even within the homeschooling world, there are ideas and ways of doing things that fall off the mainstream homeschooling wagon. For example, there is “unschooling”. Unschooling is the idea that your child chooses their own path in learning — there aren’t any workbooks or school-related activities unless the child chooses them specifically. Basically, the parent follows the child’s lead and acts as a facilitator to get them what they need in order to flourish. Once your child is done with that subject, you’re done with that subject. Period. No pressure.

I love the idea of unschooling. I struggled for a long time trying to make it work for us.

Unfortunately for us, unschooling in it’s truest form did not work for our family.

Then there is world schooling, eclectic homeschooling, radical unschooling, no schooling, wilderness schooling….oh, I’m already exhausted.

This is where the black sheep in me comes in. We are stuck somewhere in between the traditional homeschoolers and the radical unschoolers — officially unlabeled and somewhere deep in the middle of the wide spectrum. It took a long time to realize that we did not have to follow any one curriculum or any one way of “doing” schooling. It was exhausting trying to fit ourselves into a box. Fortunately, over the years we have finally fallen into a rhythm that kind of works for us. I feel like it changes and morphs every few months and becomes something different depending on our kids’ moods, interests, strengths and weaknesses. It’s pretty amazing and completely individual for each child.

I am going to start blogging more about our life at home and what a “no label” homeschooling family looks like. What are our days like? Do we have a schedule? Do we ever change it up? How does a minimalist family homeschool — what about clutter? How is our home organized to make this all work? Do the kids ever get bored? If so, what do we do? And the biggest question of all, are they properly socialized?  (See this video for a perfect answer to that question.)

I can’t wait to share more about this part of our journey with you. Stay tuned for more posts about this in the future.

Also, visit black sheep mom’s Instagram account for photos I will share throughout our no schooling journey.