surprising discoveries through minimalism

So, as some of you may know, I have given up my fabric hobby. It’s been a couple of months now, and I can say that I have definitely  had some urges to create. But those urges have been very fleeting because I remind myself of why I am doing this experiment of “giving up” — the old adage, “if you love something let it go…”, and it seems to be working. My urges to quilt have become less and less and I am nearly ready to get rid of all the stuff related to my fabric hobby. It’s become less emotional to me.

Somehow, I thought giving up my “distraction hobby” would lead me to a greater urge to write (the hobby I thought was at the forefront of my true loves in life), but I discovered something else instead. I discovered that being a mom and using my creativity within my family to homeschool my kids and just give them a life that they love is where my passion lies.


This is not rocket science, I know.

This is something I should’ve already known. It seems like common sense.

But sometimes the need to seem “society-successful” (ahem…like a mom that does it all) is greater than we realize, and it pushes us down paths that don’t fit our personality. I realized that my introverted, creative spirit needs a TON of down time nearly every day. I realized that writing is something that happens to me, not something I can force to happen (therefore making something out of my blog other than a regular update or meaningful post now and then is not for me). I have learned to accept that being a mom to my beautiful three (soon to be four) children is a gift. It’s a gift that I never fully accepted. A gift that I was taking for granted. I was somehow tricked into believing that being their mom was not enough. Society tricked me into believing that staying home and being the best mom I can be and leading a simple, humble life that isn’t stuffed with endless activity for the sake of activity is where it’s at…for me. For my family.

The pressure to create just for the sake of proving something (even just to myself) has lifted. It’s freeing. Since that pressure has gone, I have spent more meaningful time reading inspiring books, playing with my kids and going places that are fun…just for the sake of enjoying the present and enjoying life. Realizing they are only young once, while they are young, is huge.

This is where minimalism has brought me.

Not exactly groundbreaking for most, but a huge step in my journey of realizing that simple is good enough for me.

A lot of people that go through the minimalism journey have huge, awesome epiphanies and discover life purposes that end up changing a large portion of society — those are the movers and the shakers of the world, and we need them. But, we also need homeostasis — people that are living a content, simple life…people that are ok with that — people that THRIVE in that environment. There are a lot of blogs and books out there that will promise amazing transformations after you have become a minimalist — that you will discover your true passions and talents once you let go of everything you don’t need, want or use. And that is true in many cases. But, there’s a quieter revelation here — a small handful of people per capita that are learning that leading a simple life is enough. That they are enough without being a mover and a shaker.

That a humble enjoyment of life’s everyday occurrences are amazing.

That is enough for me.

And, I find that pretty amazing.

Minimalism has changed my life.


3 thoughts on “surprising discoveries through minimalism

  1. I too thought that all the little “dreams/goals” I had would become my real life’s work if I cleared room for them but then I found, I simply love being with my kids, homeschooling them, being a mom, wife, homemaker, etc. Doesn’t sound very glamourous but it’s absolutely perfect for me!!


    1. You are right, it is not glamorous, but for some of us — it’s an epiphany to realize we actually love the “mundane” parts of life. For me, it feels as if everyone takes the little things for granted — things like fresh water out of the tap, fresh produce in my fridge, a warm bed to sleep in at night…right there is half the battle in life. I try to remember these things when I become too hyper-focused on the things in life that “seem” important but aren’t. I’m so glad you shared your comment — thanks for posting, and enjoy your beautiful, simple life!


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